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    Classic Hits  all week long
    Saturday Night
    Reverb from The Bel  starting at 5pm.
    Sunday Hit Parade at 6am to Midnight
    Messages from the lighthouse with Pastor Ken Harger Sunday 7:00am.
    Make Believe Ballroom: Sunday 6 -7pm
BEL Children's Museum

The BEL Children's Museum in Belding is open the first Wed, Sat and Sun of each month 1-4pm. This hands on museum allows children to have fun while they Build, Explore, and Learn. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Medication Disposal Program
Medication Disposal Program Safely dispose of unwanted medications today! Did you know that disposing of medications in the trash or flushing them down the toilet is unsafe for the environment and the public? Proper disposal of medications helps prevent childhood poisonings, reduce substance abuse and protect the water. If you have medications that have expired, are no longer needed, can’t be identified, or changed color, smell, or taste bad, dispose of them at one of the following locations: Medication Drop Box Locations Call for hours of operation or more information. Sorry, no sharps.
Montcalm County Sheriff 659 N. State St. 989-831-7590
Carson City Police Dept. 123 E. Main St. 989-584-6448
Howard City Police Dept. 125 Shaw St. 231-937-4311
Lakeview Police Dept. 315 S. Lincoln St. 989-352-6211
Greenville Public Safety 415 S. Lafayette St. 616-754-7101
Foster Families Needed

Would you consider becoming a foster parent? Montcalm DHS is always looking to recruit new prospective foster families and have found this to be quite a struggle in rural communities often hit hard by economic downturn. Montcalm DHS is looking for homes in Montcalm and Ionia Counties so that our most vulnerable children (foster children) might remain in their schools, with their friends, and everything else that is comfortable to them. If you are interested, contact:
Linda Schrauben
Ionia/Montcalm District DHS
Children’s Services Supervisor Licensing,
CWFS, & Prevention
Phone(616) 902-9923
Fx. (616) 527-1849